Integrate with the nation’s largest database of healthcare providers, provider quality, and procedure costs.

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Scale Fast

Our solutions provide seamless integration, security, and interoperability with healthcare data, allowing you to quickly turn your challenges into competitive advantages. Our suite of products are designed to help you scale quickly from day one.

Reduce Cost

Our cost-effective and easily customizable APIs provide integration with a broad suite of current, comprehensive and cleansed healthcare data. Our dedicated team of data experts keeps the data well maintained, and ready to serve your data needs.

Focus on Core

Continuously evolving business landscape, patient expectations and government regulations require even more focus on core business and strategy. Our solutions allow you to stay focused, and lets us solve your most pressing data needs.

Our Services

What We Do

Provider Profile

Our web services routinely scan across a broad range of sources for provider profiles. We clean and validate profile information, including and not limited to, details such as name, phone, practice locations, specialty, years of experience, certifications, and more.

Provider Quality

We employ an advanced quality scoring engine, built around statistical models that take into account quality data from CMS (HCAHPS and PQRS), as well as ratings data from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many more, to produce a score that accurately reflects what to expect when serviced by a provider.

Procedure Cost

We routinely gather healthcare procedure cost data from every available public and some private sources. We've created advanced predictive models that take into account procedure costs and the locations in which they were performed, to then come up with accurate estimates of what they could cost in any part of the country.

Integrate and Customize

Our catalog of easily customizable APIs provide access to a wide range of data across our entire product spectrum, including provider profile, provider quality, procedure costs, and more. Our core data services engine does all the heavy lifting, allowing our APIs to provide solutions that help your applications grow without any hindrance.

Maintenance Free

Our dedicated team of data services experts refresh and enhance our datasets on a monthly basis. Our current, comprehensive, and cleansed data will allow you to stay focused on growing your business without having to be burdened with data issues.

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About Us

We are a one stop shop for the most current and comprehensive data on provider profiles, quality and procedure costs. Our cloud based platform is designed to power your healthcare applications with easily customizable solutions while also being cost-effective.

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